Here you can download ASH Scotland’s Tobacco-free Schools Resource Pack, it includes all the materials, templates and classroom activities needed to deliver high quality education on smoking, health and wellbeing in secondary schools. The pack is linked to the Curriculum for Excellence and the ten step guide takes you through the process of achieving tobacco-free school status.

Make use of our short, interactive tobacco education activities specifically tailored for those working with young people aged 10 - 16 in youth work settings. These resources are designed to support you to deliver activities to help equip young people to make confident and responsible decisions on smoking and their health and wellbeing.

This resource is for NHS tobacco control to deliver in partnership with either a local authority social work/children services departments or funded voluntary organisations with a role in residential care of children and young people. The use of this pack will enable identified trainers to deliver the ASH Scotland, Tobacco-free Cultures training course to residential care staff, kinship carers, foster carers and other professionals who work with children and young people who are looked after (LACYP).  To gain access to this resource, please email Joanne Buchan at to request the access key..

A trainer's pack to deliver training to early years professionals in order for them to gain knowledge and confidence in raising the issue of SHS with the parents and families that they work with. It is designed for use by NHS staff with a training remit and either a tobacco background or knowledge and experience of delivering NHS health behaviour change courses.

This resource is for early years and family support workers, enabling you to run a session talking to parents about the harm caused by tobacco smoke in the home, and what they can do to protect their families.  Practitioners are required to complete the Children, Carers and Second-hand Smoke (CCSHS) training in order to acquire the applicable knowledge to deliver these workshops. The CCSHS eLearning course can be found under the eLearning courses section of this website. Once complete, please email Joanne at to request the access key to download this pack.