This course is for anyone who is interested in finding out a little more about smoking and tobacco. It will give you a brief look at tobacco, nicotine cravings, available support and nicotine replacement therapy

(although an understanding tobacco section is included in all our other courses, this generic stand-alone module is specifically for those who find that the other course topics aren't currently relevant to their learning needs)

Sometimes our role is to provide opportunities for people to make healthier choices and be inspired to change their behaviour. This course takes a brief look at behaviour change and how we can create an enabling environment for people to be inspired towards change.

This course is designed for money advice organisations, foodbanks and community organisations who offer any type of financial advice and support to clients. It has been designed to help inform you of ways to raise the issue of smoking as part of the support that they provide.

The aim of the IMPACT project is to raise awareness of the links between smoking and poor mental health and to encourage mental health practitioners to discuss these links. This eLearning course supports this aim and is followed up by a two-hour face-to-face training session (details on the IMPACT website). If you are not yet booked on a face-to-face course but would still like to do the online portion of the training, please contact Jim O'Rorke on to get the enrolment key.

As part of the Healthy Body, Health Mind programme, participants are asked to complete this stop-smoking and smoking prevention eLearning course. It is made up of 3 modules which are approximately 30 - 45 minutes each and the course page includes links to further resources and documents. In order for to receive recognition for completing the eLearning, each participant would need to complete a quiz for each module and include details in their HBHM submission report.

This module will introduce you to the topic of second-hand smoke (SHS) and will help you to think about how to talk to parents about it. It focuses on building knowledge and in so doing, building your confidence when speaking to parents.

Parents wish to protect their children, and many parents who smoke already take some action. However we know that parents often do not understand enough about the way that tobacco smoke behaves and the harm it causes and so welcome information and support.

As cannabis is most often smoked together with tobacco in the UK, ASH Scotland has created a course which briefly introduces cannabis (types of cannabis and methods of use), how it relates to tobacco, the law and smoking cessation.

In addition we've included briefings, additional information documents and links to other websites and resources. 

This course is for anyone working with young people in a youth work role. It focuses on how smoking impacts young people, providing up-to-date information on smoking and young people in Scotland, including young peoples’ attitudes and knowledge; smoking, e-cigarettes and other substances; and tobacco industry tactics in recruiting young people. 

It also explores youth work’s role in engaging young people to stay smoke-free, and supporting young people to quit smoking, highlighting resources and strategies to enable youth workers to confidently discuss smoking with the young people they work with.

The e-learning is for anyone who works with young carers including family support workers, befrienders, home/school link workers and young carers’ service staff from both voluntary and local authority organisations and the aim of the course is to enable workers to feel confident in having non-judgemental conversations about smoking with young carers and their families, to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

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